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VT812 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. This Vampire served with No. 32 Sqn. at Cyprus in Dec. 1948, and then moved to No. 614 (County of Glamorgan) Sqn. in 1950 and to No. 601 (County of London) Sqn. in 1952. After repairs following Cat 3 damage, it moved to No. 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn. and by 1955 was used for ground instructional use and display. (mehr von VT812)
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A16-199 Combat veteran on display at RAF Museum Hendon. Intended for the RAF as FH174, this aircraft was diverted to No. 13 Sqn. RAAF in 1942. On 3 Feb. 1943 it shot down a F1M2 floatplane. It then joined No. 2 Sqn. RAAF in April 1943 and shot down a Ki-21 at New Guinea in May. In 1947 the Hudson was sold to a flying school, after which it undertook aerial survey work. In 1973 it was flown to Scotland that included two stops in India, and finally was sold to the RAF Museum in 1981. (mehr von A16-199)
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VS618 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. The Prentice was RAF’s first side-by-side trainer. This aircraft first flew in May 1949 and served with No. 22 Flying Training School (FTS). In 1956 it passed into civilian hands till it was purchased in 2009 by the RAF Museum. It is one of some 17 Prentice survivors worldwide. (mehr von VS618)
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XS925 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. This Lightning first flew on Jan. 26, 1967. It served back and forth with No. 5 and No. XI Sqn. The Lightning was handed over to the museum in 1988 in the markings of No. XI Sqn. (mehr von XS925)
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687 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. The B.E.2b was the first RFC aircraft to be sent to France in Aug. 1914 after the outbreak of the war. By late 1915 it was outclassed and easy prey for German fighters. The B.E.2b had some success as a Home Defence night fighter by downing several Zeppelins. This replica represents the B.E.2b flown by 2nd Lt Rhodes-Moorhouse who made a bombing attack on Cambrai on 26 April 1915. He was posthumously awarded the first Victoria Cross to an airman. (mehr von 687)
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XZ585 Arrived by road from HMS Sultan 6th December 2017 and now on display at RAF Museum Hendon (mehr von XZ585)