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XV205 You can see the guy fown in the valley, he is watching the aircraft. (mehr von XV205)
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XX325 Look how the backseater is waving to the camera while the frontseater is "pushing" the Hawk through the Welsh Valleys (mehr von XX325)
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XX309 Display Hawk at low level through the Welsh Valleys (mehr von XX309)
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XV220 Flying gracefully and very low through a Welsh valley. I really like to be the guy on top of the fuselage, that view must be amazing. (mehr von XV220)
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XX322 Flying low and fast through a Welsh valley, this Hawk came really close to my spot on the mountain. A very concentrated crew at work. (mehr von XX322)
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XX181 Flying low and fast through a Welsh valley. The backseater even noticed the photographer. (mehr von XX181)