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XV714 A busy period onboard the current Royal Navy flagship [Nikon D70 and 80-400VR] (mehr von XV714)
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ZH813 Positioning to the graveyard area after landing on Illustrious [Nikon D70] (mehr von ZH813)
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ZH855 Coming in for another deck landing. This was the types first operational embarkation on a carrier. Four Merlin EH101s from 814NAS were on board for the three week cruise. [NIKON D70] (mehr von ZH855)
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XV714 The 'Ardvarks'Just about to position into the landing spot. A merlin just to the bottom of the picture is also about to hit the circuit. [Nikon D70] (mehr von XV714)
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ZE690 The amazing concentration of the Naval airman just seconds before touchdown. [Nikon D70] (mehr von ZE690)
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ZE690 Operating in the Med on their last carrier embarkation. [Nikon D70] (mehr von ZE690)
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XZ692 - Fleet Air Arm. Departing the 'Graveyard' on HMS Illustrious for the escort vessel - HMS Exeter. [Nikon D70] (mehr von XZ692)
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ZD255 c/n WA.262 coded VB:374 operating with 815 Squadron, HMS Beaver Flight (mehr von ZD255)
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ZD614 Coded 005 / - - of 801 Squadron during her tako-off run. You can judge how small the take-off deck is when you see how close the Sea King Blades are to the departing a/c. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von ZD614)
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ZD610 Coded 000 / - - of 801 Squadron. Deck parked and waiting. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von ZD610)
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XV697 c/n WA.668, coded L:183 of 849 Sq, 'B' Flight. This type of helo was created just before the Falklands conflict to fill the hole the Gannet had left leaving the RN with no AEW cover. Seen here about to launch with the 'ball' retracted. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von XV697)