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D-9518 On display at Deutsches Museum Muenchen. Quest for survivability in a nuclear theatre led the Federal Min. of Defense to want a Mach 2 VTOL fighter. The X-1 Versuchsjaeger (Research Fighter)with wingtip tilt jets first lifted off vertically with American test pilot George Bright on 10 April 1963. This X-2 became the first VTOL aircraft to exceed Mach 1. The project was cancelled in 1968. (mehr von D-9518)
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500071 'White 3' of III./JG 7 on display at Deutsches Museum Mnchen. On 25.04.45, Ofhr. Hans-Guido Mutke took off from Frstenfeldbruck under attack and landed his aircraft at Dbendorf, to be interned in Switzerland. (mehr von 500071)
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On display at Deutsches Museum Mnchen. This is a two-seat reconnaissance biplane, as used by the Luftstreitkrfte.
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