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G-MAZY A composite aircraft made from various different aircraft with the fictitious registration G-MAZY (mehr von G-MAZY)
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37918 Now fully reassembled after my last visit here in 2006 (mehr von 37918)
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G-ORAL Broken up at Blackpool after being wfu and the nose seen here at Newark Air Museum (mehr von G-ORAL)
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WK277 A survivor of a rare type now under cover since the building of a new hangar at Newark Air Museum (mehr von WK277)
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XN964 Repainted in original Navy colours since my last visit here in 2006 (mehr von XN964)
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XJ560 c/n 10042 she was delivered in 1959 and is displayed in her last units colours of 893 Sq attached to HMS Hermes coded H/243. (mehr von XJ560)
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VZ634 was built in 1949 and retired in 1964. Delivered to the museum in 1985. (mehr von VZ634)
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WH904 originally built as a B2 in 1954, she was later modified to a T.11 with the Javelin radar mounted in the nose. Later modified to a T.19 she was retired in 1979 and passed to the museum in 1985. (mehr von WH904)


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XS417 c/n 95002 this fantastic T bird was delivered in 1964 and served with A&AEE, 226 OCU, 23, 56 and 11 squadrons as well as the LTF who's colours she wears now having been saved from the scrapyard by the museum. Just in need of a touch of love to get her back to A1 condition. (mehr von XS417)
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XR534 Restoration has all but stopped on this old trainer, but one day it is hoped to roll the aircraft out in all her glory. (mehr von XR534)
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WR977 She was built in 1957 and saw service with 220, 201, 206, 203 and 42 Squadron before retiring in 1971. She was saved from the scrapman in May 1977 when she moved to the museum. The MR.3 was fitted with Armstrong Siddeley Viper turbojets in the outboard engine nacelles, being designated MR.3 Phase 3, which had the usual 4 Rolls Royce Griffin piston engines. She had an endurance of approx 24 hours without refuelling. (mehr von WR977)
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WM913 c/n 5965 coded 456. Built by Armstrong Whitworth and entered service in 1954 with 806 Squadron at Yeovilton in 1955 and then with 895, 700 and 736 Squadrons. She retired to the School of Aircraft Handling at RNAS Culdrose, and then become the gate guard at RNAS Sealand. WM913 was loaned to the Sea Cadets and then the museum in 1984. (mehr von WM913)
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XM594 delivered July 1963 she is still an awesome aircraft. Must have been amazing to fly as a crew member. (mehr von XM594)
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XX492 c/n 274 was striped for spares at RNAS Culdrose and then saved by the museum, sadly the cabin and cockpit have been heavily stripped. (mehr von XX492)
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XX492 c/n 274 showing the aircrafts last unit badge and the old style Astazou XVID engine before Bae converted them to TPE331's becoming the Jetstream 31. (mehr von XX492)
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XH177 c/n SH1741 was written off in July 1967 and the nose was restored. Seen alongside the nose of WH863 (c/n SH1620) a T.17. Shows the amazing differences between the two marks of aircraft. (mehr von XH177)
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WT651 c/n 41H-665486 This rare Hunter was only operational for 3 years from 1954 to 1957, and has been recently repainted (by hand) following restoration and is a real credit to the museum team. (mehr von WT651)
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WK277 This rare aircraft was delivered to the RAF in 1955 and retired 6 years later. Preserved in excellent condition in the museums new hangar with 2 Squadron marks. (mehr von WK277)
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WF369 c/n 528, delivered to the RAF in Dec 1951and is now well looked after at this great museum as can be seen by the ongoing engine work. (mehr von WF369)
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WB624 c/n C1/0065 She is under going a slow rebuild in a container on the museum site after officially being scrapped in 1972 at Shawbury. (mehr von WB624)
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XB261 This is all that remains of the Blackburn Beverley once displayed at the Southend Museum then moved to Duxford and now at Newark. (mehr von XB261)