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PP-CTI Ex: Cruzeiro do Sul PP-CTI / Crash in 04/29/1977 during the final approach in Navegantes, with low visibility due to dense fog. He arrived in Florian�polis on November 10, 1986 from Tubar�o / SC where he was reassembled with parts of another plane crashed in Joinville and was inaugurated as Aero Flop Pizzaria on December 1, 1986 where it remained until mid-1993 when the land was sold and the aircraft was again disassembled and transferred to the border of the expressway connecting the BR-101 Florian�polis near the Shopping Center Itagua�u. Already practically reassembled, it was caught by a strong wind that almost made it take off. In mid 1995 he was transferred to Tijucas / SC where he still stands next to a fuel station on the banks of BR-101 (mehr von PP-CTI)
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PP-CTI Ex: Cruzeiro. The YS-11 approached Navegantes in poor visibility (500m visibility, dense fog over the runway) and touched down 460m past the threshold. Control was lost and the aircraft ran off the right side of the runway, colliding with light beacons. The nose and left main gear collapsed. (mehr von PP-CTI)
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PP-CTI Ex: Cruzeiro. Aircraft crash in NVT. Now without Kaiser c/s. (mehr von PP-CTI)