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OE-XET (c/n 0308, YOB 2003) The "Alpin 2" (base at SŲlden/Tirol) rescued a woman in Pfunds-Stuben, who was knocked down by two cars near the "Jugendhotel Austria". That Hotel was visited for a sky-holiday-week by my school-class from the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Hagen/Germany, so I was able to take pictures of this nice medical-, EMS- and rescue-helicopter., in service for HAT (Heli Ambulance Team) (mehr von OE-XET)
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D-HHUB (c/n 2406, YOB 1991) with special BMW/Jost sticker on the back-doors. Visit a celebration of Hagen's car-store BMW Jost. After take off on a meadow near the car-store. Look for the funny expression of the woman on the back-door-window. (mehr von D-HHUB)
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D-EHWD c/n CE-440. In the background a shuttle bus, which was parked on the GA ramp. (mehr von D-EHWD)
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D-ACLL c/n 7024, del. 10/93 to Lufthansa, leased from "JL Sarah Lease Co. Ltd" (mehr von D-ACLL)
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D-ILWD This is our "Walter". A small pusher and a captain, who let hang his left arm out of the small cockpit-window of a Dornier 228. (mehr von D-ILWD)
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D-EISP c/n FR172K0633. Based on the airfield Norden-Norddeich. (mehr von D-EISP)
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D-AELG was built in 1967 and visit Dortmund for a cargo flight from Prague. (mehr von D-AELG)
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LZ-ATS on pos. 11 with (maybe) broken right gear and for that reason lop-sided position. Wind damage on the night is possibly. (mehr von LZ-ATS)
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D-IXIE on the snowy airport of Dortmund. (mehr von D-IXIE)
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EC-FFZ operate from Palma de Mallorca and Mahon ambulance flights. (mehr von EC-FFZ)
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D-ILWB left prop on the holding above Stuttgart, on a flight from Dortmund. (mehr von D-ILWB)
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D-ILWB The soccer stadium of Stuttgart, on a flight from Dortmund. (mehr von D-ILWB)
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D-ILWB on Parkposition after the arrival from Dortmund. (mehr von D-ILWB)
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D-HBWA EC 155 meeting on DTM Heliport (on background is the D-HNWN of the NRW Police) (mehr von D-HBWA)
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D-HBWA is the second police helicopter from Baden-WŁrttemberg in this month, who I see. (mehr von D-HBWA)
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D-HBWC visited Dortmund for a fuel stop and a talking with the NRW crew. (mehr von D-HBWC)
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F-OKSY c/n 257. Became N925BC. A nice Jet with members of the france government on bord. (mehr von F-OKSY)
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OE-LNK on a charter flight (for VW) from Klagenfurt on rainy weather. (mehr von OE-LNK)
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D-GVPA c/n 3449291. ex N5362T. Nice painting and nice light. (mehr von D-GVPA)
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D-COLE and on backround a ATR of Eurowings on landing runway 24. (mehr von D-COLE)
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D-ABNH On foreground a "blue" 757 and on background a "yellow" B763 on landing. (mehr von D-ABNH)
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D-CEBR Charter flight to Cork in Ireland. (mehr von D-CEBR)
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D-EIRZ c/n F15201844. Built in 1981. Who is bigger, the Cessna or Boeing 737-800 (D-ABBC)? (mehr von D-EIRZ)
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D-CCGN On background the broken MD 88, which lost the left gear. (mehr von D-CCGN)
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TC-ONN On background is blue Sky Airlines TC-SKB on runway 06, on foreground the broken MD. (mehr von TC-ONN)