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Nice shot of this good looking Terminal
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PDPs Main Terminal. It looks really nice, in fact, most of the architecture style in Punta del Este is quite interesting, and this is the first thing you see when you arrive at Punta. (Olympus C-740)
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CX-PUB Pluna`s flagship at SULS. In just a couple of hours, all of Plunas fleet types, except for the 757, appeared at PDP. This allowed me to complete my photo collection of Plunas current fleet. Also, check out the Pluna logo in the inner section of engine N 1, just like in the 757. (Olympus C-740) (mehr von CX-PUB)
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CX-PUA After flying from AEP to PDP all-day long, it is time for a deserved break. Check out the lack of paint on the front section of the fuselage. First picture of Plunas B733 at Uruguay in the database. (Olympus C-740) (mehr von CX-PUA)


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