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N55CW (16) c/n 10673. ex C-GBPA (Buffalo AW). (mehr von N55CW)
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N220GB DC-3C used for mosquito control in Florida. Note the friendliest 10" tall guard dog I've ever met. (mehr von N220GB)
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Anybody need some Huey parts? This huey junkyard is located at the Charlotte County airport in Punta Gorda Fla.
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N36317 c/n 32R-7887034. A pile of planes left after Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda Fla. (mehr von N36317)
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N12VJ c/n 26-0019. Built in 1988. Mooneys don't hold up too well to hurricanes. Charley did a number on this one. (mehr von N12VJ)
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N130D Hurricane Charley-1, "Animal Crackers" DC-3-0. This is what is left of this famous DC-3 after hurricane Charley came racing through Punta Gorda. It's port wing and stab were severely damaged and the rudder was taken off. Rumor has it that they intend to repair the plane and get it back in the air. (mehr von N130D)