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turning onto the runway for departure to Abuja
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YU-ANV view from the tower, AeroContractors flight is boarding to LOS (I would fly the same aircraft three days later from ABV to LOS), a private Legacy (PT-SAF) and two helis serving the oil industry. (mehr von YU-ANV)
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5N-BGN leaving for an offshore oil rig with Lufthansa management on board as part of the inaugural flight FRA-PHC. (mehr von 5N-BGN)
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G-VHOL The pilot of the AeroContractors helicopter (5N-BGN) gives the thumbs up that we have clearance to taxi in to our ramp position while the Virgin A340 looks on. Can you see the stored B720 in the background? (mehr von G-VHOL)
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F-GZCA To cater for the needs of the oil business, the AF flight arrives in PHC in the early morning and stays all day on the ramp until the evening departure back to CDG while the crew rests in a day room. (mehr von F-GZCA)
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N138SR Stored and rotting away besides two BAC 1-11, one of which is Okada. Does anyone know the identity of the other one? (mehr von N138SR)
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PT-SAF said to operate for the governor of Rivers State. Look at the red carpet and crowds saluting the arrival of LH's inaugural flight. (mehr von PT-SAF)
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D-AIKH Approaching Port Harcourt on the inaugural flight from FRA. (mehr von D-AIKH)