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ZS-SBR Umkomaas, named after the coastal town of the South Coast KwaZulu-Natals, has stayed in South Africa since its delivery in 1970 and serves today as a technical and cabin crew trainer for SAA in Johannesburg (mehr von ZS-SBR)
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ZS-SFE Springbok seen just after departure from runway 08 on her way to Johannesburg (JNB/FAJS) as flight SA420. SAA fly Boeing 737-800's also on this route :-) ! (mehr von ZS-SFE)
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ZS-OAM Taken at the Poirt Elizabeth Airshow on my 18th birthday. There was no emergency, the fire trucks were just performing by driving up the runway, although they couldn't fly :-) ! (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-NAN c/n 99. ex F-WWFE. This awesome SAAF Dassault Falcon 900 brough the South African Vice President to Port Elizabeth before flying on to East London the following night ! (mehr von ZS-NAN)
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ZS-PEL Taking over from the Imperial Air Cargo Boeing 727-200F that lost an engine on takeoff from PE. This aircraft departs at 11PM each night to Johannesburg (JNB/FAJS) and arrives back in the early morning ! (mehr von ZS-PEL)
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ZS-SJC Tail section of my favourite aircraft. Awaiting her flight back to Johannesburg (JNB/FAJS) ! (mehr von ZS-SJC)


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ZS-SII Before Flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban (mehr von ZS-SII)
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