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PP-JET You don't see a biz-jet with a sticker that often. Sandy&Junior are a sister and brother duo and enjoy quite a big success among Brazilian teenagers. Eventually they decided to split, but, not before cashing in big time with a last tour together, including an unplugged special with MTV. (mehr von PP-JET)
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PP-JET c/n 525-0384 This is the PP-JET called for "jetinho" because there is another aicraft of this own which registration is PR-JET and this is "Jeto" because it's a CJ2 ! In the back you can see PT-FTG on the Ramp either !! (mehr von PP-JET)
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PP-JET c/n 525-0384 Its amazing to see JETs takeoff at Jacarepagu�. (mehr von PP-JET)