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The butterfly-shaped terminal at PTP (inspired by the shape of the island of Guadeloupe) on a quiet Saturday morning. Longhaul flights only arrive in the afternoon.
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F-OIXH had just arrived from SFG and about to continue its trip to FDF (mehr von F-OIXH)
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Departure hall of the modern terminal, architect is Paul Andreu of Aeroports de Paris
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On the downwind to PTP, with a busy ramp, besides the regular Paris flights (AF, Air Caraibes, Corsair) two charters from Italy (Alitalia 332 and Neos 763) due to Costa cruise ship passenger exchange. Later in the evening, two more charters would arrive, Air One 332 and Air Tahiti (!) 343 as well as an AF 744.


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Airport overview - great to see this completely filled apron.
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