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PN-77 Highlight of the day, from Izmir. (mehr von PN-77)
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A2-ABS Second AtTR-72 for Pakistan Navy. This aircraft belonged to Air Botswana. (mehr von A2-ABS)
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Email Autor Korrektur ID #1204022 / 294 Aufrufe
EC-JAH The first ATR-72 for Pakistan Navy is ready to be delivered. This aircraft belonged to Binter Canarias and still maintains its registration. (mehr von EC-JAH)
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PN-81 The first Orion for the Pakistan Navy with the title, "Worlds youngest Orion" and "RIAT 2008" (mehr von PN-81)


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10262 in the snow at Ypenburg, this airbase has been closed for some years now. The aircraft is sealed and gas is flowing through the aircraft to kill all the bugs! (mehr von 10262)
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AR-MLF (10262) Looks like a Air to Air photo, but it was making a test flight for Fokker, and made a Low-past just for me. Thanks pilots. (mehr von AR-MLF)