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N428PA Jet Clipper Star of Hope lived up to its name when this B.707, in service for Korean Air, registered as HL7429, deviated significantly from course on April 20, 1978 on flight KE902 from Paris to Anchorage and entered Russian airspace near Murmansk. An air-to-air missile shot by an SU-15 hit the left wing, causing the Korean Air crew to make an emergency landing on a frozen lake (mehr von N428PA)
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N657PA Feeder for the American Bowl on August 11, 1990 at the Olympic Stadium Berlin (mehr von N657PA)
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N531PA 'Clipper Freedom' was the second of a total of 10 SP-Jumbos ordered by and built for Pan American World Airways, which from 1976 were mainly used on the Pan Am Pacific routes. In February 1986 all Boeing 747SPs, six Lockheed L1011-500s and the Pacific route rights were sold to United Airlines (mehr von N531PA)
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N821PA Clipper Queen of the Sky (mehr von N821PA)
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N747PA "Clipper Juan T. Trippe" was the second 747 off the production line and the first commercial 747 (mehr von N747PA)
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N4750 "Clipper Rapid" on the way to the parking position at Terminal B after landing from Berlin-Tegel. N4750 came to Pan Am through the takeover of National Airlines in January 1980. The Boeing National 727-235�s were characterized by a greater range than the standard -200 version. (mehr von N4750)