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D-CAKE On display at the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. (mehr von D-CAKE)


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G-BNPH Wears military serial WV740. A recent arrival here at St Athan after being bought from an owner at Bournemouth. Arrived by air and work is under way to keep the aircraft flying (mehr von G-BNPH)
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AS-558 entered service on the 30 October 1957 with training group A of Pilot School "S" in Memmingen, Germany. For a short time as YA-558 by Test Centre 61, finally until 1974 as survey aircraft 54+07 for what today is known as the German Aerospace Centre. Seen restored to the period of the Pilot School "S". (mehr von AS-558)
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N51970 ex Belgian Air Force. Another view of the Aviation Warehouse yard on the south side of El Mirage airfield. Alongside the Pembroke are two C130 hercules and in the background what looks like parts of an ex Tower Air B747 (mehr von N51970)
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83008 (85-13) On display outside the Flygvapenmuseum (Air Force museum) at Link�ping-Malmen. (mehr von 83008)
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WV746 Twin piston engined high wing monoplane light transport and communication aircraft with tricycle undercarriage. On display in Royal Air Force museum of Cosford (UK). Eos 50D Canon 18-200. (mehr von WV746)