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LX-LGC Somewhere over Luxembourg for a Sightseiing flight organised by Luxair. Fist cockpit picture of this plane. Blended by the sun :) (mehr von LX-LGC)
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LX-LGC I really like this picture. Luxair have organise a few "sightseiing flights" of 40 minutes with the new Dash 8Q402. Here we are over Luxembourg town "le quartier de la Gare" while landing on rwy 06. Hope you like it (mehr von LX-LGC)
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ELLX Overview of both Luxembourg-Findel Airport Terminals. The old one, on the left with the brown roof will be replaced by the new one on the right in april 2008 and the old one will be destroyed. We had two interesting visitors on the P1 this day, a 747 GirJet EC-KEP and a 320 CSA.


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LX-LGA Finally, here is the new plane for Luxair. New aircraft type for Luxair, it's the first Bombardier Dash 8-Q402. And, he's wearing the new colors of Luxair :). Very nice. First pic of him in DB. (mehr von LX-LGA)