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D-AVZJ The first A321 for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a new subsidiary from Wizz Air. Becoming A6- WZB soon. (mehr von D-AVZJ)
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HZ-AGH Seen here freshly painted on a test flight after maintenance by Lufthansa. You can clearly see the engine gravelkit vortex dissipator but the B737 didn`t have a nose gear deflector. (mehr von HZ-AGH)
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SU-GAM The B747 left the LH maintenance base and is now taxiing to runway 33 for departure to CAI.. (mehr von SU-GAM)
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TF-LLB Now owned by Icelandair and Wet-leased to SBA Airlines. Seen here by her take-off run on runway 27L. (mehr von TF-LLB)
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N230WN "Colorado One" Southwest's newest theme plane. Honoring the great State of Colorado. (mehr von N230WN)
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D-ABCI named "Karlsruhe". The all metallic fuselage was a test to see if money could be saved but a least this colour scheme was not taken up.. (mehr von D-ABCI)
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HL-7456 A great looking SP. Seen here on a regular fuel stop. (mehr von HL-7456)
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UR-DAI A little surprise and first visit in HAM in new c/s. The aircraft flew IEV-WAW-HAM-IEV . (mehr von UR-DAI)


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9N-ABN A rare visitor for LHT. The aircraft came for a long D-Check. (mehr von 9N-ABN)