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VH-PIV On display at the Flying Legends 2011 Airshow. This Warhawk powered by a Merlin engine was built in 1942. It was shipped to the Thirteenth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific, likely serving with the 347th Fighter Group in the Solomon Islands. The aircraft was abandoned on Espiritu Santo in Nov 1943. Recovered in the 1970s, the restoration was completed by 2011. The P-40F is painted as "Lee's Hope," flown by Lt Robert J Duffield of the 85th Fighter Squadron, 79th FG from Italy in 1944. (mehr von VH-PIV)
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G-BKHG Wears serial 479766. Built in 1942 (mehr von G-BKHG)
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XH648 Looking good for a repaint and restoration taking several years after the years outside have taken its toll since arriving here in about 1975 (mehr von XH648)
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D-CDLH "Berlin-Tempelhof" taxiing in at Flying Legends 2011. Floatplane D-AQUI was named "Fritz Simon" and after ace "Kurt Wintgens". The Ju-52 was used all over Europe and Asia and was the flagship for Deutsche Lufthansa, which bought them by the dozen. It could carry 17 passengers or three tons of freight. Most of Lufthansa’s fleet was requisitioned during World War II. Despite the desperate situation, Lufthansa continued flying till the end of the war, operating Ju-52/3m D-AFFF into Flensburg on 5 May 1945. (mehr von D-CDLH)