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G-SABR Enjoying a spot of sunshine on a winter afternoon at Duxford. (mehr von G-SABR)
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G-ROON During the 2018 Flying Legends Airshow (mehr von G-ROON)
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G-LFVB The modern fire tender in the background is the most apparent giveaway seven decades later. City of Winnipeg comes in for a smooth landing at the end of Duxford Autumn Airshow 2013. Built in 1942, she has seven confirmed kills, making her one of the top scoring survivors. Six kills were scored with No. 501 (County of Gloucester) Sqn, after which the Spitfire joined No. 19 Sqn. and moved to No. 402 Sqn. RCAF in April 1944. (mehr von G-LFVB)
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F-AZYS Taxiing in after its display at Flying Legends 2011. This radar-equipped Corsair was delivered to Argentine Naval Aviation and equipped 2da Escuadrilla Aeronaval operating on board ARA Independencia. Bought by a French owner, it was formerly painted as an Aeronavale 14.F Flotilla F4U-7. The Corsair now wears the markings of VMF(N)-513 Flying Nightmares operating as night fighters from Pusan during the Korean War. (mehr von F-AZYS)
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D-FMVS Taxiing in after its display at Flying Legends 2011. The paint scheme is inaccurate. The emblem on the nose denotes I./JG 27 Afrika and it carries the chevrons of the Geschwaderkommodore under Luftflotte Reich. The victory markings on the rudder are of Oberst Hermann Graf who finished the war with 212 victories, but did not serve in JG 27. (mehr von D-FMVS)
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RA-3587K On the flight line at Flying Legends 2011. (mehr von RA-3587K)