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G-AVMU Green goddess on display at Duxford. This aircraft first flew on 29 Jan 1969. She was delivered to BEA and then served with BA as County of Dorset till retirement in Oct. 1992. Wearing primer, the One-Eleven awaits restoration to BA colors. (mehr von G-AVMU)
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G-ASJV The Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 of Mylcraine getting some summer sunshine and TLC at Duxford. Combat veteran MH434 went into action with No. 222 Sqn. in Aug. 1943 and shot down or damaged four Luftwaffe fighters in three weeks. It later flew with No. 349 Sqn. After the war, the Spitfire served with Royal Netherlands Air Force No. 322 Sqn. and saw action in Indonesia. After returning to the UK, it featured in Operation Crossbow, Battle of Britain and A Bridge Too Far. (mehr von G-ASJV)
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G-ASGC No one could fail to glance at one of these beauties on the apron in its heyday. That shade of BOAC dark blue looked all the more alluring under lights at night. From a few flights on the VC10, I remember the cabin was quiet in flight, more so towards the front. It was the epitome of comfort and elegance back in the day. This Speedbird first flew in Jan. 1965 and had an innings with BA till April 1980, when she was withdrawn from use and displayed at Duxford. (mehr von G-ASGC)
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G-ALWF RMA Sir John Franklin, the world's oldest surviving Viscount on display at Duxford. It was a pleasure to see this type again, once a common sight with Indian Airlines. They had oval doors, were a bit noisy in flight and great sight on the apron when starting up the four Rolls Royce Dart turboprops. A real classic! BEA operated 77 of the type at its peak. (mehr von G-ALWF)
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G-CGZP This P-40F is one of only two left airworthy anywhere in the world! (mehr von G-CGZP)
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G-RUMW in the markings of 846 Squadron aboard the carrier HMS Tracker in the summer of 1944. (mehr von G-RUMW)
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G-LFVC in the markings of 249 Squadron at RAF Takali, Malta, flown by F/Sgt John 'Jack' Hughes, in 1943. (mehr von G-LFVC)
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G-AWHH This Buchon was built in 1958. Flew in the "Battle of Britain" movie. Now in the markings of pilot Edmund "Paule" Ro�mann. Member of Jagdgeschwader 52 (Fighter Wing 52), eastern front. (mehr von G-AWHH)
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G-AWHC one of only 2 two-seat HA-1112M4L's constructed for the Spanish Air Force. (mehr von G-AWHC)
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PH-JAT c/n 122-41463 "Trusty Rusty" 364 FS. 357th FG. (mehr von PH-JAT)
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G-SHWN in the markings of 112 Squadron in Sicily and Southern Italy at the end of WWII. (mehr von G-SHWN)
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G-THUN in the markings 'Nellie' of 492 FS, 48 FG . The Fighter Group and Squadron is still active and based at Lakenheath. (mehr von G-THUN)