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N6711M Operating a DL flight from ATL still in Song colours which are now history. (mehr von N6711M)
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N765TA Arriving on a prisoner transport flight. Ex. Varig PP-VTO. (mehr von N765TA)
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N751AT Still wearing her original reg when she was in service with ATA. (mehr von N751AT)
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N10QP c/n 402B0831. Built in 1974. With the arm out of the window... (mehr von N10QP)
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N922AT Two for one shot ! Lining up for 23L while a Southwest B737 is landing on the same Rwy. (mehr von N922AT)
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N14188 New airline out of RDU with over 10 daily flights to several destinations in the midwest and eastcoast. (mehr von N14188)
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Marine One arriving with President Bush onboard from downtown Raleigh.
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99-0003 Leaving with the President on board after a brief visit in Raleigh. (mehr von 99-0003)
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04-4128 Rolling for take off, loaded with over 15 secret service vehicles and a little tank which all were used in connection with the presidents visit today. (mehr von 04-4128)
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80-0320 (ANG) Picture taken with 1/1650 shutter speed....makes the rotor blades almost standing still, although they are turning. (mehr von 80-0320)
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N906MA Charterd by the Airforce to transport all the press in connection with Presidents Bush visit to Raleigh.. (mehr von N906MA)
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"Marine One" arriving back at RDU from downtown Raleigh. Here at the airport the president will "connect" to Airforce One.
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04-4128 AMC McGuire. This aircraft brought in all the secret service vehicles for the president visit. The C-130 Hercules landing was also involved in this operation. (mehr von 04-4128)
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N141JF c/n 106. ex N808GA, N33M, N397LE and N226GA. (mehr von N141JF)
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HB-JEQ c/n 4027. ex N627GA. Became S5-ADC. Built in 2006. I don`t know who this Jet belongs to, but the colourscheme is nice ! (mehr von HB-JEQ)