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PT-PQD C/N SH1951 The one and lonely Skyvan with Brazilian registration, used for para-jumping and cargo transport by Skylift Taxi A�reo. Seen here at her homebase, Amarais Airfiled (ICAO: SDAM), which is close to Campinas Int�l. Note the funny registration -PQD, "meaning" ParaQueDas which is parachute in Portuguese. (mehr von PT-PQD)
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PT-MRX C/N 11341. One of the many special coloured TAM Fokker 100s... (mehr von PT-MRX)
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CU-T1258 C/N 0043454615 Yeahh nice beast...Unfortunately photographed while meeting the spotters best friend: Murphy, who sent some clouds specially for her arrival, on a otherwise cloudless day. (mehr von CU-T1258)
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Early 90s
PP-VMA C/N 46944 L/N 133. Almost 20 years old and still shiny..This was one of the first DC10s delivered to Varig, back in the mid 70s, and was also one of the last pax versions to leave the fleet, at the late 90s. It even got the new colour scheme, together with PP-VMB. (mehr von PP-VMA)
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Early 90s--
PT-SAW C/N 19393 L/N 401. One of two 727s operated by TNT/SAVA. Sorry for the ramp clutter. This shot was made using my goodnole Olympus OM-1 (mehr von PT-SAW)
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Early 90s
PT-SAV C/N 19497 L/N 429. One of two 727s operated by TNT/SAVA. This photo was made from outside the airport, but since a long time this nice spot is gone. New on (mehr von PT-SAV)
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Early 90s
PT-ZVB First prototype of the ill-fated CBA-123 project. Only two airworthy airframes were build, and all what remainded from this project was sadly destroyed by Embraer. New registration for database. Source: Fuji 100 colour negative/scanned directly (mehr von PT-ZVB)
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Early 90s
PP-VMB C/N 46945 L/N 156. Made from the nice spetactors deck at Confins airport. Source: Kodak Gold 100 color negative/scanned directly (mehr von PP-VMB)
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PP-VPI C/N 24896 L/N 855. At this time, she was brand new and is seen here arriving after a local flight with Varig employees on board, part of a series of presentation flights that took place this day (mine included GRU-POA-GRU). Not only shinning but also smelling new..Source: Fuji 100 color negavite/scanned directly from the negative (mehr von PP-VPI)
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PH-AHE C/N 24135 L/N 165. Heres another oddity, full Air Holland colours and additional Dinar titles, as on wet-lease to the Argentinean company for the southern hemisphere summer season. Mainly used on "shuttle" flights between Ezeiza and Florianpolis with up to three daily turn-arounds. (mehr von PH-AHE)
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Late 90s
N53AW C/N 25490 L/N 510. Early morning arrival, just a few months before closing down. (mehr von N53AW)


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PP-MDG C/N 19319 L/N 441 Early 90s. This same airline operated DC8s after the 727 was returned. The spot from where this photo was taken is gone for good since many years, unfortunately. (mehr von PP-MDG)
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CU-T1095 C/N 1G116-09 Polish build An-2. Photographed at Baracoa, a small city on the southeast of Cuba. (mehr von CU-T1095)
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CC-CZP C/N 22031 L/N 722. Taxing to runway 27R, looking pristine with the new colour scheme (mehr von CC-CZP)
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PT-SLU C/N 25186 L/N 2236. Lift-off from runway 14. Florianpolis has one of the most scenic backgrounds in Brazil. This shot is dedicated to my two mates there, Bruno Orofino and Juliano Damsio. (mehr von PT-SLU)
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PP-SNM C/N 205. Taxing towards 27R, with double sticker: in front the "sails" for the 500 years anniversary of Brazil discovery and at the back, the sitcker promoting VASPs frequent flyer program. (mehr von PP-SNM)
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PT-MLH C/N 20254 Seconds before to kiss the runway on another regional flight to Belo Horizonte. (mehr von PT-MLH)
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N981LR C/N 558. Late 90s. LACSA was the first airline to have scheduled flights to GRU with A320 equipment, linking So Paulo to San Jos via Guayaquil. The GRU-GYE leg was, at its time, one of the longest city-pairs operated with the A320. (mehr von N981LR)
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PP-ABS C/N 45810 L/N 252.. Taxing to the active with a threatening black sky as background. (mehr von PP-ABS)
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PP-PSD C/N 437 First A310 received by Passaredo and used mainly for charter flights. Seen here about to line-up on runway 27R at S�o Paulo Int�l. New for database (mehr von PP-PSD)