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VH-WKS cn Q.39 - New rego for the database - A rarely seen aircraft as it is always covered by a tarp. Manufacturer: Amateur Built Aircraft. Model Type: Mustang II. This aircraft was first registered in Australia on the 18th April 1990. (mehr von VH-WKS)
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VH-BJE Such a simple cockpit. Goes to show that you don't need many instruments to fly an aircraft. (mehr von VH-BJE)


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A classic WW2 terminal. You can image yourself standing on top, viewing the B-17 Flying Fortresses landing to be repaired here. Other aircraft that once graced this field were Mosquitos, Mustangs and Spitfires.
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VH-NZC c/n 18051609. Undergoing a major overhaul. (mehr von VH-NZC)
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VH-PFC c/n 38-79A0405. ex N2371F and VH-LCW. This aircraft belongs to the Police Flying Club. (mehr von VH-PFC)
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VH-TFQ On its way to Perth, about 370kms east of the airport's position. (mehr von VH-TFQ)
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A4-178 Looking aft: With a flight crew of two, it can carry 32 troops, or 26 fully equipped paratroops. (mehr von A4-178)