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4X-BAW Have you ever wondered how does the emergency slide looks like? Well there it is during an emergency drill. Thanks for ErezS for his help with this photo. (mehr von 4X-BAW)
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4X-CPV c/n 20065. ex C-FFNT. Became OE-HDD. A brand new Bizjet in Israel. (mehr von 4X-CPV)
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F-GKXB Ready for pushback at gate B3 for a flight to Paris (CDG). (mehr von F-GKXB)
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T.22-1 (45-50) Passing 1000 feet below over the swiss alps. (mehr von T.22-1)
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HB-JZM One on pushback while the other one has already departed. (mehr von HB-JZM)
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HB-JZM A friendly wave from the captain. This photo was taken from Arkia Israeli Airlines Boeing 757-300 4X-BAW. (mehr von HB-JZM)
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4X-BAU Cruising at FL348 on our way from Osaka (Kansai) to Tel Aviv (TLV) with a fueling stopover at Novosibirsk (OVB). (mehr von 4X-BAU)
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4X-BAU A special flight of Arkia to Osaka (Kansai) for a Japanese corporation. The sign says: "The journey to visit the founder Yoshiho Tanaka's bronze statue in the holy place, Israel" (mehr von 4X-BAU)
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N804MS Ex Kingdom Holding Company (HZ-WBT6, HZ-WBT3) One of the most elegant and fine looking Biz Jets sitting idle on stand J7 on a fine summer afternoon. This aircraft used to be the private biz jet of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud from Saudi Arabia, but is now registered under the Microsoft Corporation, and belongs to Bill Gates. First time in Israel and first photo of this aircraft with its current registration. (mehr von N804MS)
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4X-ELS The big brother is taxing for takeoff while the medium one is being towed to the gate. (mehr von 4X-ELS)


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4X-ELA A busy Saturday evening at the new Terminal 3 as seen from Arkia Israeli Airlines Boeing 757-300 4X-BAW on our way to Heraklion. (mehr von 4X-ELA)
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SX-BKC At gate C2 before a flight to Athens. It is now back with it's original colors. (mehr von SX-BKC)
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TERMINAL Overview of the new Terminal 3 at TLV.
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Very colorful and computerized cockpit. I really like it !
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4X-BAZ On short final to runway 05 after a flight from Paris. (mehr von 4X-BAZ)
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97-131 New in database. A rare photo from Tbilisi. (mehr von 97-131)
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TERMINAL Here is the first glance at Tbilisi's airport terminal. When first looking at the terminal building, it's quite hard to tell that this is actually the main airport terminal as it seems to be more like some sort of a museum or a palace. Although being a bit old fashioned, this terminal sure looks very unique, and most probably one of the best looking in the region. Too bad no aircraft were present at the time to give it a bit of an airport look.
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679 c/n 679. ex N679GA. The new GV of the Israeli Air Force which is called "Nachshon".
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5B-DBY This aircraft crashed on August 14th 2005 in Greece, almost one year after I took this photo. (mehr von 5B-DBY)