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19602 Arriving for a quick stop before proceeding to Selvagens (Savage Islands) a natural protected area and the most shouthern Portuguese territory.
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16704 Unit day at AM3, the new oficial military designation for the military instalations at Porto Santo airport. Crossing the island on medium altitude. AM3 is on the far end of the island, after runway 01 treshold.
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G-EZDP A lucky shot on this panning, to get the strobe on. (mehr von G-EZDP)
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F-GXAH The first comercial flight of Aigle Azur in Airbus. On a cloudy day and at the end of the afternoon, the one hour delay made quite a diference on the light conditions... (mehr von F-GXAH)


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LX-LGR Right on touch down. You can even see the touchdown point on the wheels! (mehr von LX-LGR)
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16703 Unexpected but the new PoAF planes slowly carrying through more and more duties.
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OY-MRF A great end of afternoon of traffic! Taxiing to runway 05 to depart to Copenhagen. (mehr von OY-MRF)