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A6-EAJ Takeoff from rwy 36 with a view of the maintenance area. See the government 747SP and a derelict Dash 7. (mehr von A6-EAJ)
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7O-ACX A different format to show some landscape. A good climb performance considering the altitude of some 7,000ft. (mehr von 7O-ACX)
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7O-ADG Three IL76s in different Yemenia colors, some might be operated by the Air Force. (mehr von 7O-ADG)
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7O-ADA Both aircraft (including the 747SP) are operated for the government (mehr von 7O-ADA)
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7O-ACU Stored and collecting dust and sand. (mehr von 7O-ACU)
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7O-ACV Stored and collecting dust and sand. The rear stairs are lowered. (mehr von 7O-ACV)
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7O-ACY seems to be stored, but the rear stairs are lowered. (mehr von 7O-ACY)
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3D-NEF Still active despite a faded look. (mehr von 3D-NEF)
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7O-ADP Pictures from Sana'a are rare. Not too much traffic besides Yemenia, a lot of military aircraft and some stored stuff. (mehr von 7O-ADP)
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Compound of stored aircraft. The Yak 40, An26 in the background and IL18 all have ER- registrations, the IL18 has Renan titles.
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A6-EAI On approach to Sana'a with some stunning scenery, see the very basic villages with clay buildings. (mehr von A6-EAI)