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PT-WEZ c/n 18255514. Awaiting her new propeller and engine. (mehr von PT-WEZ)
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PP-KBS The entire fleet of the Aero Club of Brazil waiting for next flight (mehr von PP-KBS)
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PR-DCA Close-up on this basic instruction aircraft panel. This aircraft has been given by brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency to many flight schools around the country to replace the old-bird Aeroboero 115. (mehr von PR-DCA)
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PT-IVR c/n 31-7305054. ex N9667N and N74927. [Canon EOSD Rebel XT] (mehr von PT-IVR)
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17778 First russian-built aircraft to be registered in Brazil (will receive PR-IDE registration) (mehr von 17778)


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PT-BTB c/n 17249391 built in 1962. A small trainer seen at Jacarepagua (Rio de Janeiro) airport. (mehr von PT-BTB)
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PT-SHO One of Furnas EMB-110 seen at Jacarepagua (Rio de Janeiro) airport. (mehr von PT-SHO)
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PT-FSE aircraft transferred to TEAM and crashed during route from Maca to Rio de Janeiro on 31/03/2006. All crew and pax killed. (mehr von PT-FSE)
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PP-JET c/n 525-0384 Its amazing to see JETs takeoff at Jacarepagu�. (mehr von PP-JET)