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Santos Dumont airport viewed from sugar loaf.


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PT-MZE Final approach to RWY 02R, Speechless moment (mehr von PT-MZE)
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impression of Santos Dumont spotting ! Fenceless in case you don't know ! (Nikon D200)
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PP-VOO Close up of the Line up on RWY 02R with 70mm, VOOhoooooo :-) (mehr von PP-VOO)
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PT-MZB rotate ! Pretty late takeoff just in front of us...reminding me of a famous photo from Phuket ! Shot taken at 35mm to give you an idea how close the action is at Santos Dumont airport ! (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-MZB)
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PT-MPL nice and very loud (!) biz jet seen here lining up at RWY02...You just got to love this place ! (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-MPL)
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PR-GIK if you need the trill - come to Santos Dumont ! It's so amazing to be standing some 20 metres away from an active runway while the jets takeoff and land in front of you. 30mm shot ! (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GIK)
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2331 great face to face encounter with a C-95, the military version of the Embraer 110. In the background one of the many "Favelas" in the Rio area can be seen on the hill (Nikon D200)
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PT-WGF for the few RWY02R landings we could see this nice business jet at Santos Dumont, shot taken at 80mms so you can get an idea how close you are to the action at Santos Dumont (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-WGF)