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HL7527 In spite of rainy weather, the plane looks beautiful on that background (mehr von HL7527)
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HL7588 Star Alliance new colors. Sorry for the bad quality. It was dusk and hazy at Seoul that day... :-( (mehr von HL7588)
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B-2552 crashed in Pusan 4/2002. Not the greatest shot/scan, but rare. (mehr von B-2552)


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HL7213 Korean Fokkers are not seen often... (mehr von HL7213)
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PH-BFE The 'City of Melbourne' will bring me from Seoul-Incheon Int. Airport to Amsterdam. She is an Combi-Carrier. Korean Air MD 83 HL7573 in the backround (mehr von PH-BFE)
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RA-73003 Airline Code HZ; on the new Seoul-Incheon Airport preparing for flight to Saralinsk. The Kimpo Airport is only for domestic flights since Incheon has opened.Airline Code HZ (mehr von RA-73003)