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PK-GHC The 4th mask in the series from Garuda Indonesia themed "Sekar Jagat Nusantara" 10 flowers that represent the diversity of flora in Indonesia (mehr von PK-GHC)
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VT-JBE 9W taxis past my perch at Crowne Plaza, Hope to see 9W in SIN again someday. She is now 9H-TJE with Corendon Airlines Europe. (mehr von VT-JBE)
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B-16101 EVA Cargo decelerates on runway 02Left. (mehr von B-16101)
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XU-725 basic Itapemirim c/s and Myanmar Tail Logo (mehr von XU-725)
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750 RSAF Stratotanker taxis past Crowne Plaza. This upload completes my collection on here of the RSAF fleet of four RSAF KC-135R Stratotankers which has been retired in favour of the replacement Airbus A330 MRTTs. (mehr von 750)
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OH-LQD AY81 operated by this Unikko liveried A343 taxis to her gate after arriving from Helsinki. (mehr von OH-LQD)
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ZK-NZR Approaching Rwy 02L, arriving from Auckland as NZ284. (mehr von ZK-NZR)
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9V-SCN Approaching Rwy 02L in the afternoon, arriving from Bangkok as SQ707. (mehr von 9V-SCN)
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9V-OFD Approaching Rwy 02L in the afternoon, arriving from Tianjin as TR139. (mehr von 9V-OFD)
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9V-SGD SQ's fourth A350 ULR returns from New York as SQ21. (mehr von 9V-SGD)
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VH-OEG Parkes, my 24th QF Boeing 747 on here, taxis into the central apron. This occasional 747ER upsize is a definite treat. Only memories now as she has left the QF fleet in a Covid accelerated retirement exercise of all QF Boeing 747s from the QF fleet. The Firefly ATR landing on runway 20Centre is another fond memory as Firefly ATRs now operate from Seletar (WSSL). Can you spot another historical nugget? (mehr von VH-OEG)
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PK-AWP A Blast from the Past�Indonesia AirAsia's Boeing 737-300 pushes back for her return flight to her homebase. She bears an advertising sticker, the Visit Indonesia decal. An interesting jumbo can be seen in the background. Only memories now as QZ only operates the more modern Airbus A320 to SIN. (mehr von PK-AWP)
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B-2408 Taxiing towards its stand, arriving from Guangzhou as CZ353. (mehr von B-2408)
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9V-TRN Arriving back at a wet Changi after a flight from Kuching as TR433. Initially delivered to Tigerair in 2013. (mehr von 9V-TRN)
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9V-OJC Getting pushed back from its stand for a flight to Melbourne as TR24. (mehr von 9V-OJC)
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PK-GID Garuda's third Boeing 777-300ER taxis towards her arrival gate. She arrives as GA86 from Jakarta with an onward leg to Heathrow, London. (mehr von PK-GID)
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B-16722 Eva Air's seventh Hello Kitty Jet, the Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet, decelerates on runway 20Right. She arrives as BR225 from Taipei. (mehr von B-16722)