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N97H Then owned by the Hiller Aviation Museum of San Carlos, CA, this 1945 vintage DC-3 was exported to Russia in 2013. (mehr von N97H)
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05-5142 The C-17 demonstrator makes a smoky landing at the Wings Over Wine Country Air Show 2010. (mehr von 05-5142)
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N606RR A nice surprise to see this Polish veteran on display in the Pacific Coast Air Museum in the California Wine Country. (mehr von N606RR)
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N985SS This aircraft is seen performing a re-enactment of the first official air mail flight in the world at the 2010 Wings over Wine Country Air Show. On February 17, 1911, Fred Wiseman carried three letters between Petaluma, California and Santa Rosa, California. On April 20, 2013, this aircraft made an emergency crash landing in a Santa Rosa-area vineyard, flipping over and coming to rest inverted. Fortunately, the pilot survived and the aircraft was declared repairable. (mehr von N985SS)
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N438DF Photographed from the loading ramp of a C-17 on display at the Wings Over Wine Country Airshow 2010. This Tracker was returning from a routine work flight rather than an aerial display. (mehr von N438DF)
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05-5142 Demonstration of reverse thrust during powerback. (mehr von 05-5142)
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N414DF Seen returning to home base during the Wings Over Wine Country Air Show 2010. Special thanks to Jim for the editing help. (mehr von N414DF)
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N325N The stuff of which nightmares are made. Wings over Wine Country Airshow 2010. (mehr von N325N)
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