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LN-WEB Evening arrival from Bergen as WF547, rolling out on Rwy 35. (mehr von LN-WEB)
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LN-ENM Taking off from Rwy 35. Initially delivered as EI-FJH to Norwegian Air International in February 2016. New to the database with this registration. (mehr von LN-ENM)
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LZ-CXA Arriving from Bergen as ADZ3165, operating on behalf of DHL. It would later depart to Copenhagen, still in daylight in high summer, despite the late evening scheduling. Formerly with Novair, SunExpress, Blue Air and TUI Netherlands. (mehr von LZ-CXA)
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LN-ENQ Up and away again after bringing me in from Copenhagen before. Initially delivered as EI-FVY to Norwegian Air International. (mehr von LN-ENQ)
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D-AING Late evening take-off from Rwy 35 back to Frankfurt. (mehr von D-AING)
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LN-WDI Taking off from Rwy 35 for a short domestic flight. Delivered new to the airline in February 2010. (mehr von LN-WDI)
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LN-FGA Vacating Rwy 36 upon arrival. Initially delivered to Pegasus as TC-CPI, joined Flyr in June 2021. The airline sadly went out of business by the end of January 2023. (mehr von LN-FGA)
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LN-SUB named "Social Distancing" and built in 1962, this bird flew for Braathens from 1962 and 1971. In 2020, it finally made its way from its former operator Everts Air from Nome in Alaska to Stavanger under difficult circumstances. It is still wearing its fromer registration N151 and is now part of the exhibition at Flyhistorisk Museum Sola. New addition and also my 5000th pic in the database! (mehr von LN-SUB)
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SE-RPU ex LN-NHJ and EI-FHL. New in database. (mehr von SE-RPU)
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LN-WEB approaching SVG with a view of Hardangervidda, the largest plateau of its kind in Europe. (mehr von LN-WEB)