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ZK-SAE c/n 6802 was only one of only 7 civil Argosies built, and she is the sole survivor. All the other survivors are the 100 series military version. Preserved in excellent just off base at the Argosy Cafe. (mehr von ZK-SAE)
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ZK-CPT c/n 13126 entered service in 1953 as EC-AHI with Iberia. Her last flight was 07/02/86 when she arrived her for preservation with some 27679 flying hours and 33337 landings clocked up. Now owned by the Marlborough Aero Club the aircraft is in well looked after and in fantastic condition. (mehr von ZK-CPT)
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ZK-SAE c/n 6802 started out as G-ASXN with BEA in 1965, then became CF-TAJ before going to Safe Air in 1974. Now preserved just outside the airfield by the Argosy preservation trust in good condition. (mehr von ZK-SAE)