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EP-SII Once popular for its last Boeing 707 still flying, Saha Air operates only 2 737-300 nowadays. (mehr von EP-SII)
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EP-SIG Carrying "Islamic Republic Of IRAN" titles... in the background you can see EP-MDE in former owner China Southern's colours... (mehr von EP-SIG)
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EP-SIF c/n 762. Carrying Islamic Republic of IRAN titles, with another Government 707. In front of the Iranian Air Force's hall. (mehr von EP-SIF)
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EP-SHU Cockpit of Saha Air's 707, I would say, looks very nice and clean and you wouldn't guess its age! (mehr von EP-SHU)
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EP-SHU Taken from last row while enroute from Tehran to Kish Island. This is one of the last two B707 that Saha Air flies, making it also one of the last two B707 in passenger service worldwide. After I flew on both of them, I can conclude: This aircraft is the one with the old interior yet is in a better shape than the other one. This one features the open overhead space which is amazing to see! The lights, the window shades, the wall colour, this was incredible to fly. Last row features a ultra-long window which is approx. 3x as wide as the normal window, sitting there and taking this picture from there will be one of the highlights of my flying experiences! (mehr von EP-SHU)
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Descending to THR. Extremely friendly crew letting me jumpseat on our way back. A/C in excellent condition.
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EP-SHV Rare cabin shot inside one of the last 707s! This aicraft has received an updated cabin, compared to its sistership EP-SHG and still looked very good, despite of its age. Is anyone able to tell me the headline of the newspaper? (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHG A trip of a life time! First photo with reverse thrust active and spoilers deployed! Can you feel the magic? In the background you can see a Iran Air Force fighter in the hangar. A big thank you to Shary for all his help in making this flight possible. (mehr von EP-SHG)
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EP-SHD Film scan. This ex IRIAF 747 was flying for Saha Air, but the military attributes like the tanker boom under the tail, the In Flight Refuelling bump on the nose, the roundels and the serial 5-8105 were still there. Later on it returned to IRIAF. (mehr von EP-SHD)
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EP-SHK Arriving from Kish. (mehr von EP-SHK)
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EP-SHK Back from the test flight after long maintenance. This is the one of my last shots in THR! Some minutes after this beauty, came some policeman, and they arrested each of us for one night, and they attach our passports and cameras for 2 days, and deleted the tape of my friends video cameras! (Befor the arrested I hide my CF card! :-) (mehr von EP-SHK)
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EP-SHK From seat 4A on the fantastic flight from Tehran to Mashad. After 2 days of the long overhaul the engine looks like not so clean. (mehr von EP-SHK)
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EP-SHK Arrived from Kish Island, and flew back to Tehran (mehr von EP-SHK)
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EP-SHU Nice view inflight THR to MHD (mehr von EP-SHU)
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EP-SHU Finally a dream has become true : Flying on a B707... (mehr von EP-SHU)
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