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AEE-101 c/n BB-811. Last shot of this Super King Air. Crashed in Quito on March 19, 2009. (mehr von AEE-101)
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YV-2242 Closeup of this baby landing with an interesting background. (mehr von YV-2242)
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HC-CFC VIP's New DO-328. The new colors are radiant, and full of life. One of the best liveries so far. (mehr von HC-CFC)
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PN-112 Ready for takeoff. Inside you can see UIO Spotter Stefano Rota waving. (mehr von PN-112)
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HC-BXD The smallest plane among the crowd on this day. Dedicated to Patricio Zumarraga. (mehr von HC-BXD)
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N540MC One of the many giants that arrived this day to pick up roses for Valentine's day. Spotted with Stefano Rota and Ander Aguirre. (mehr von N540MC)
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HC-CBE One of the last shots of HC-CBE... maybe. Rumours say Austro might return. Spotted with Ander Aguirre and Stefano Rota. (mehr von HC-CBE)
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N479AU/HC-CEH A general view. Notice the differences with TAME's other F-28 (mehr von N479AU)
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N479AU/HC-CEH The pilot's panel of TAME's new baby (mehr von N479AU)
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N479AU/HC-CEH From the second seat... My brother Stefano Rota was with me this day (mehr von N479AU)
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HC-BMD Overran the runway while aborting takeoff for a blown tire while takeoff. Thankfully no one was hurt. (mehr von HC-BMD)