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8813 Great to see the Saudi Hawks in europe!On the background you can see an Alpha Jet from Red Bull!
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8810 Saudi Hawk after the display with the Flying Bulls DC-6 in the background
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8806 AIRPOWER 11 - first participation of the Saudi Hawks in Europe and during their first official display they had to cancel it because of a bird strike, you can see the rest of it on the nose of 8806
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8806 If you take a closer look at the nose, you may notice some traces of blood. This aircraft suffered a birdstrike during display of the Royal Saudi Hawks at Airpower 2011 - unfortunately the Saudi Hawks display had to be aborted after the birdstrike occured.
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Saudi Hawks performing their display on Europes biggest airshow - Airpower in Zeltweg Air Force Base, Austria. More than 220 Airplanes from 22 different nations. Its Saudi Hawks first show in Europe!
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8810 Airpower 2011 - Saudi Hawk with Flying Bulls DC-6 take of in the background


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1133 Displayed hanging from the roof of 'Airspace'