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N860DA Delta added an extra flight To atlanta today. I am guessing this is because of the huge number of people travelling back home after the superbowl. This is going to be DL9735 on the way back to Atlanta. (mehr von N860DA)
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N199UA United 9981 landed from SFO. This aircraft will be taking New York Giants family members back to EWR. The Giants won the Superbowl 17-14. Aircraft details : Built in 1997 and is using PW4000 series engines. (mehr von N199UA)
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N937AN Interesting perspective on this shiny bird (mehr von N937AN)
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N3738B It interesting to see how different sections reflect differently when you look straight down the fuselage of this bird (mehr von N3738B)
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N135DL The new shiny paint hides the age of this bird really well. It was built in 1991. (mehr von N135DL)
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G-BNLM A large cloud of smoke is generated from the tire rubber as this beast touches down on RWY26 (mehr von G-BNLM)
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G-BNLM Speedbird 289 moments from touchdown on RWY26 (mehr von G-BNLM)
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N244WN touchdown RWY26 on a beautiful sunday afternoon (mehr von N244WN)
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