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XX845 [Canon EOS 400D]. At the Royal Navy Fire School here. (mehr von XX845)
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XX847 (EZ) Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering. Of all the 57 Jaguars we saw today only three of them are two seat versions. (mehr von XX847)
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XX847 (EZ) of 6 Squadron about to turn on to the departure runway, both crew heads down working hard on last minute checks (mehr von XX847)
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XX847 (EZ) of 6 Squadron, this aircraft was just coming off of a heavy check. The note under the wing explains all! (mehr von XX847)
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XX150 (FY) c/n B15 of 41 Squadron, and is seen taxiing to the ramp. (mehr von XX150)
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XX842 (FX) of 41 Sq departing with stobes on and re-heating burning. (mehr von XX842)


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XX835 (EX) with 6 Sq marks, but with the maintenance Unit. Notice all the panels are sealed with black tape and the ejection seats are missing. (mehr von XX835)
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XX847 (PY) Using SEN while appearing in the Clacton air show. (mehr von XX847)
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XX846 (PV) Lights his burners and thunders down RWY22. Does anybody know what the steam above the afterburners is? I was told it was fuel overflow but does anybody know for sure? Please don't hesistate to contact me. (mehr von XX846)