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109160 The Cosmopolitan (military designation CC-109) was since May 1990 a regular vistor on the Wednesdays pax service Northolt-Brussels-Lahr. The feeder transport ended in 1993 when the Canadian troops left Europe.
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N534AW During Gulf War I hundreds of American B747s passed via Brussels. (mehr von N534AW)
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9Q-CBL Summer lease from Scibe-Airlift Za´re. (mehr von 9Q-CBL)
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OO-VGH During 1991 the sole Convair wearing full EAT colours was laid up & used for spares. In December 1994 it was completely scrapped. (mehr von OO-VGH)
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OO-VGH Ready to take-off as VIP charter for the Formula One race at Cherez-de-la-Frontera. It was the sole pax aircraft of the once 12 strong fleet of EAT and was mostly used for training flights. (mehr von OO-VGH)
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PH-BDL On a light breezy day not exactly a touch down the pilots wanted it to be, so a go-around was the best solution. (mehr von PH-BDL)
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EL-AJU OST was known for its cargo operators with B707s & DC8s as shown on the background. But one of the last pax flights with a B707 occured in 1990. TCA introduced a twice weekly OST-GEO-PBM service which ended a couple of months later. (mehr von EL-AJU)
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N601AA The JFK-BRU-JFK rotation was during winter of 1991-1992 mostly operated by their 2 baby Jumbos. (mehr von N601AA)
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EX-75466 First visit of an IL-18 to this airport. Parked for three days, it attracted many local spotters. (mehr von EX-75466)
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LX-DKT Created in 1990 to make nostalgic flights, it ended quite silly at OST on July 21 1992 when the parked aircraft was blown by gusty wind into a parked B707 of Seagreen Z-WKV. (mehr von LX-DKT)
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N49AG Painted in old Belgian Air Force markings with a fake registration to celebrate their 50 years anniversary. Meant to make nostalgic passenger flights, it made only some (static) appearances at air shows. (mehr von N49AG)
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9Q-CKO This was the last ever sound of a Noratlas in BRU. The aircraft, devoid of any marking, was on its way to former Za´re and served the carrier for some 10 years. (mehr von 9Q-CKO)
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YU-AKK Small "leased by Skyjet" titles reveals that this Belgian company, created in 1990, became active. After using a couple of DC-10s the game was over in 2001. (mehr von YU-AKK)
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OO-DHF The Belgian connection with Convair ended in April 2000. (mehr von OO-DHF)
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ZS-SAM SAA pax services to Belgium ended in 1993. (mehr von ZS-SAM)
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5N-TNO A sight which at Ostend is gone...forever. (mehr von 5N-TNO)
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9Q-CLI A great spot for photographers, but now... like the company...history. (mehr von 9Q-CLI)
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G-NVSA Brussels Airport seems sometimes an British & American bastion (mehr von G-NVSA)