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N357SK Parked here along with all her sister planes since the shut down of the Midwest Commuter branch. (mehr von N357SK)
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N351SK The entire Midwest Connect fleet has been parked here for a while. Let`s hope that some of these aircraft find a new owner soon. (mehr von N351SK)
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N87SK First Officer hanging on with both hands for dear life and they are still on the ground? Actually this is a great way to stretch and stay loose. Photo taken from the flightdeck of Jetlink 2237 (N12135) as we sit in the 07R pad while ground stopped for IAH for 1.5 hours. (mehr von N87SK)
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N66YV Model C-1, c/n UC-66. Skyway is Midwest Express associated connector. (mehr von N66YV)
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