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HB-IJK taking off from RWY 26R on LX635 with a great view on Terminal 2 A and C. (mehr von HB-IJK)
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N29129 departing back to Newark, NJ with a delay of almost one hour. (mehr von N29129)
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A7-AFA about to lift off as QR056 bound for Doha. (mehr von A7-AFA)
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99-0063 USAF Globemaster III taking off. Sorry for the bad weather... (mehr von 99-0063)
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HB-IQI taking off from runway 16 with a Swiss Airbus 340-313X in the background (mehr von HB-IQI)
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9V-SWI SIA345 heavy taking off from RWY 16 with nice condensations in both engines. (mehr von 9V-SWI)