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ZS-SZG Unusual to see a South African A320 in Europe - this one was on a ferry flight back to the lessor (to TLL) (mehr von ZS-SZG)
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ZS-SND a sight, we probably won't see again so soon... Really hope that SAA or the "New SAA" will come back to FRA! (mehr von ZS-SND)
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ZS-SNH Getting towed to the South side for its day stop before an evening departure back home to Johannesburg. (mehr von ZS-SNH)
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ZS-SJM On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a summer afternoon. (mehr von ZS-SJM)
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ZS-SNG with respect to the bad news of the day, this might be my last SAA catch... (mehr von ZS-SNG)
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ZS-SND SAA 346 ZS-SND landed this morning at BRU , to bring back stranded citizens from South Africa to Belgium due to COVID-19 pandemic. Last time we saw SAA in BRU was at the end of the last century (mehr von ZS-SND)
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