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A superb location for our hobby on the roof of the Swiss Aeropole building. There is an excellent view here of runway 23/05 and also very close view of the ramp of the business jets. Prior your visit here you must register in advance for your visit and purchase an access pass for few CHF. More details can be found on the website of Swiss Aeropole or at Spotterguide. Enjoy! The coordinates in Google maps: 46.839982, 6.914482.
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This is the new ''Panorama Terrace'' for spotting at Geneva airport, it's located on the top floor of Terminal 1. The place is very easy to find, just follow the signs. You can find more details on the official website of the Geneva airport, just search for ''Panorama Terrace''.
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spotting location line up and arrivals RWY 24
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The observation platform in the western support and operating area in Ben Gurion International Airport, which enables overview and spotting of takeoffs from runway 26 as you can see in this photo, and you can see here movements on runways 08, 12 and 30 as well. The hours for observation here are 24 hours a day, but the best hours to take photos with the sun behind you, are the morning hours until around 15:00. The Coordinates in Google maps and Waze app: 32.009434,34.861095.
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spotting location "Affenfelsen" for RWY 18 "West" and RWY 07R


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Spotting location on the ground during the ramp toor. This photo taken from the roof of P6.
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" Spotting Location RWY 25L/ 25C next to A5 Zeppelinheim "
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Spotting Location at Navegantes Beach. Navegantes is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, in the southern region of the country. It is located at 26º53'56" south latitude and 48º39'15" west longitude, on the central north coast of Santa Catarina and is part of the Mesoregion of Vale do Itajai, on the left bank of the mouth of the Itajai River. Great place to be with family and friends and recharge the good energy that the place emanates.
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Spotting location RWY 07R in the evening
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The famous spotting location in the yard of Amaretto bar. Google maps: 39.169893, 23.500163
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Spotting location on the beach. Google maps: 39.16914, 23.49978
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The famous spotting location in the yard of Amaretto bar, near the sea, the afternoon side.
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visitor terrace @ CGN with an UPS Jumbo on short final RWY 14L
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" Spotting location RWY 25L next to A5 " #20yearsPP