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HB-IIR After sunrise on the way from Newark to Zurich. Note the nice reflection from the winglet on the wing. (mehr von HB-IIR)
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EI-JFK Approaching Dublin airport on a clear autumn day. Phantastic weather - and of course very nice colors on a great plane! (mehr von EI-JFK)
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G-WLSH Approaching Dublin airport. (mehr von G-WLSH)
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EI-ORD Really nice weather on my 2-day-tour to Dublin. (mehr von EI-ORD)
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EI-LAX Nice green colors and a clear blue sky. (mehr von EI-LAX)
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EI-DUB A green beauty on final approach. (mehr von EI-DUB)
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EI-DER Departing Dublin airport onboard brandnew EI-DER on the way to Munich. The airport and the city can be seen clearly. (mehr von EI-DER)
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EI-REA Old and new terminal building at Cork airport - seen out of an Aer Arann ATR-72-202 on the way to Dublin. (mehr von EI-REA)
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EI-LAX In front of the terminal building at DUB airport. (mehr von EI-LAX)
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EC-JHJ Nice plane seen out of the cafeteria area on the first floor of the terminal building (mehr von EC-JHJ)
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N672FH Futura with BudgetAir sticker (mehr von N672FH)
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P-533 Take a closer look at the shadow in front of the plane. Now you know where I have taken this picture. This An-24 brought us to Chongjin. (mehr von P-533)
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P-913 The whole Air Koryo Il-76 fleet in one picture! From the front: P-913, P-912 and P-914. (mehr von P-913)
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P-885 Pure North-Corea feeling! 3 Air Koryo Tu-154 and one Il-62 tail are visible. (mehr von P-885)
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P-885 Great looking engines and a phantastic sound - extremely loud! Flight from Beijing to Pyongyang. (mehr von P-885)
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P-885 Boarding Air Koryo Il-62 for the flight back to Beijing. One of the best looking aircrafts ever! Great engines! (mehr von P-885)
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OY-KBI Approaching CPH airport. You can clearly see the Oresund bridge - connection between Denmark and Sweden. (mehr von OY-KBI)
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A6-EYX Picture taken out of the control tower looking to the west (terminal 1), where Etihad, Aer Lingus and a LTU can be seen. Phantastic sundown! (mehr von A6-EYX)
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B-5119 Onboard this brandnew aircraft on the way to Qingdao. I searched for informations about this aircraft after my trip. And this must be one of the first schedule flights ever for B-5119, because this plane was on the delivery flight two days before! Take a look at the wing - itīs absolutely clean! (mehr von B-5119)
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D-ADIC One of the first pictures ever! New T-Mobile logojet for dba. Just arrived from the paintshop at Manching airport. Thanks a lot to the crew who did a go around, so I got this nice livery just in time! (mehr von D-ADIC)
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SX-BIQ The cockpit of this Dhc-8-100. Dedicated to the very friendly cockpit-crew! (mehr von SX-BIQ)
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SX-BIQ Approaching Leros airport - seen out of the cockpit on our Rhodos-Kos-Leros-Astypalaia-Leros-Kos-Rhodos flight. Dedicated to the very friendly cockpit-crew! (mehr von SX-BIQ)
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SX-BIQ Take off run at Astypalaia airport on our routing Rhodos-Kos-Leros-Astypalaia-Leros-Kos-Rhodos. Dedicated to the very friendly cockpit-crew! (mehr von SX-BIQ)
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SX-BIQ Short stop on our routing Rhodos-Kos-Leros-Astypalaia-Leros-Kos-Rhodos. (mehr von SX-BIQ)
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C-GLJZ Demo flight to Munich. This CRJ705 came from Frankfurt/Germany and left the next day to Reykjavic./Iceland - probably on their way home. Caught with the last rays of sun. (mehr von C-GLJZ)