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HA-LIX Approaching Salzburg Airport after our sightseeing flight. Many planes at the apron - mostly british airlines including the DC-3 of Austrian Airlines next to the tower and the Red Bull DC-6 between hangar 7 and 8 at the other side of the runway. (mehr von HA-LIX)
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OO-DWE Greetings from Obelix and Idefix - taken in the late evening hours, with my shadow. (mehr von OO-DWE)
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OY-KHE Spanair titles removed and SAS titles added again. Dedicated to the very friendly crew! (mehr von OY-KHE)
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D-AIGS Maybe the first picture on www! The radom is painted as a football (soccer)... promoting the Fifa World Cup 2006 in Germany! (mehr von D-AIGS)
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D-ARFE After push back from position 155 at Munich airport. But this is nothing special! But take a closer look at the Eintracht Frankfurt logo where the letter "E" is located. Yes, they also painted the window! Good to know if you are flying with this aircraft and if you want to take some pictures out of the plane. Do not take this seat! (mehr von D-ARFE)
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HS-TGO Finally I got this beauty in perfect conditions! Do you agree? (mehr von HS-TGO)
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N67134 The first 757 with winglets I have seen. (mehr von N67134)
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RA-73015 Two aircrafts belonging to VIM Airlines cought with a lightning. (mehr von RA-73015)
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VP-BSQ One of the first visits at Munich airport - great colors! (mehr von VP-BSQ)
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N770BB On the way to runway 08L for the flight to Newark. (mehr von N770BB)
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RA-86125 Picture taken out of our approaching AtlasJet A320. Really close to the runway! (mehr von RA-86125)
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TC-OGP Onboard of this brandnew A320 on the flight from IST to AYT - absolutely no dirt is visible and some parts you could use as a mirror (mehr von TC-OGP)
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TC-JFI On the way to Istanbul just after take-off. The apron of Terminal 2 is clearly visible. (mehr von TC-JFI)
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EP-SHV Flight from Tehran (THR) to Assaluyeh (YEH). Great view from seat 7A to the best looking engines worldwide! (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHE Flight from Theran (THR) to Assaluyeh (YEH). Classic engines, pure sound and a great flight. Thanks to the very friendly crew and all our friends who made these flights are possible. (mehr von EP-SHE)
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EP-MHQ The good old times are back - one A310, one B727, one B707, five Tu154 and one old Mercedes truck are visible. (mehr von EP-MHQ)
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EP-IBB All planes are prepared for their first flight at this day - 3 Iran Air, 3 Mahan Air and one Kish Airlines. (mehr von EP-IBB)
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EP-MHQ Rush hour at 8 a.m. - and this is just a small part of the domestic apron (mehr von EP-MHQ)
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EP-SHE Sorry for the quality - but this is maybe the last picture of this plane. It crashed 2 flights later at THR airport during landing at nighttime. I was onboard this plane two flights before it crashed (on the same day). (mehr von EP-SHE)
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EP-SHE Flight to Assaluyeh airport - great landscape and a superb approach! (mehr von EP-SHE)
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OE-LVG Beautiful background - just the car is disturbes (mehr von OE-LVG)