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PZ-TCP Arriving on Rwy 18R. Formerly F-GLZG with Air France. Broken up at Marana in 2017 and replaced by another A340-300. (mehr von PZ-TCP)
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PZ-TCR note the DC-3 of DDA behind (PH-PBA), turning in for a low pass over the airport! (mehr von PZ-TCR)
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PZ-TCU Aerial view of Surinam Airways' B777 at Frankfurt Airport (mehr von PZ-TCU)


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PZ-TCU "93% forest. 100% Surinamese" with matching tail design (mehr von PZ-TCU)
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N4935C "Stanvaste" basking in the sun instead at Paramaribo in the unusually cool air at Lohausen after a diversion from Amsterdam-Schiphol. Former EC-BMY of Iberia and Aviaco was bought by Surinam AW in 1985 and they operated this `Super Sixty�until November 1992 (mehr von N4935C)
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N4935C Airport Overview with diversions from Schiphol on a sunny sunday in autumn. From left ro right: C-FCRE "Empress of Canada", PH-AGA "Rembrandt", C-GCPD "Empress of British Colombia", N4935C "Stanvaste" and PH-BUA "Mississippi" (mehr von N4935C)