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SE-GMM inside the Aeroseum, a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker (mehr von SE-GMM)


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SE-MAA this Dash and two more will replace the three old Casa 212 (mehr von SE-MAA)
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SE-MAA This is the much awaited first of three new aircraft for the Swedish Coast Guard. (mehr von SE-MAA)
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C-FHEG The third of the three new aircraft delivered this summer to the Swedish Coast Guard. Will soon be registered SE-MAC. (mehr von C-FHEG)
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SE-IVE What an impressive linup on the cargo apron! in the background: Air Contractors ATR-72 EI-SLF and EI-SLG, and two Amapola Flyg FK50's: SE-LJH and SE-KTC (mehr von SE-IVE)