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OK-WGY Not a special flight only replacement for CSA ATR flight (mehr von OK-WGY)
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OE-IHC This flight can you book via Air Berlin Website from Braunschweig to Moskow. First visit ever of OE-IHC on BWE. (mehr von OE-IHC)
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D-AMAJ With Cologne Soccer Team on board this flight back after game vs. Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg wins the match. (mehr von D-AMAJ)
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D-CIRC With Kaiserslautern Soccer Team on board this flight. Thanks for waving with hands. (mehr von D-CIRC)
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OE-IHE Shot direct from apron. This plane is a book able flight between BWE and VKO. Really nice. (mehr von OE-IHE)
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D-ABQB Very short visitor and first sight of BER Dash8Q4 at BWE. (mehr von D-ABQB)
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F-WWDD ILA 2010 - I know grey in grey, but dive in to the atmosphere. (mehr von F-WWDD)
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D-ABBF What a beautiful weather out there. Germany all grey and white without any sunshine. You can see Palma, we fly to Ibiza. Very short hop. (mehr von D-ABBF)
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OK-KKG c/n 14500873. Thanks to Cpt. Fehr. Very nice friendly man from this plane. This bird take some special guests to braunschweig from berlin for the german show "Wetten Dass?!". John Cusack, Roland Emmerich and the Black Eyed Peas where on board. And i was on board of this plane, where you can scent a piece of stars in this plane. (mehr von OK-KKG)
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D-ABLA Testflight at BWE with DLR. Testing the GBAS. Air Berlin have the only FAA proofed system in germany on board of there 737. People in background whatch the test flight on this day. (mehr von D-ABLA)
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