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UK85600 One of the last active Tu-154 B-2 in the world. Ex Presidential aircraft of Uzbekistan. (mehr von UK85600)
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CCCP-46472 c/n 2 73 079 10 ; Veered off runway landing at Tashkent March 23, 1991 and was damaged beyond repair. Registration canceled November 19, 1991 . (mehr von CCCP-46472)
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UN-42447 on our flight from Tashkent to Almaty. Nice city view from Tashkent. (mehr von UN-42447)
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UK88194 cabinview after 1 hour and 40 minutes flight from Chiva/Urgench this morning! (mehr von UK88194)
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UK85600 not in service today, was an ex Government plane. Now replaced by a RJ85 and a Boeing B757-200. (mehr von UK85600)
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UK86090 not in service today. Uzbekistan Airways used this plane for flights to Moskau, Istanbul, Bangkok and India. (mehr von UK86090)
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UK80003 just arrived from Urgench on a domestic flight. Uzbekistan Airways use this really modern plane also for flights to Baku, Almaty or Bishkek. (mehr von UK80003)
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UK46594 just arrived from Sarmarkand on a domestic flight. We have taken this plane one day later on route Tashkent - Sarmarkant. (mehr von UK46594)
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UK91001 not in service but sometimes Uzbekistan Airways used this plane as back up aircraft. (mehr von UK91001)
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UK86573 will be prepared for a flight to Dehli. (mehr von UK86573)
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UK88217 not in service today. Uzbekistan Airways use this plane just for domestic flights to Fergana, Urgench or Buchara. (mehr von UK88217)
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UK76353 Nine Uzbekistan airways IL-76 in this picture ! (mehr von UK76353)
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F-GRXG New in database ! New registration ! First Ext. Range aircraft for Air France. (mehr von F-GRXG)