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FAE-830 Amazing Mirage. this is a Dual one. two pilots can ride this one!! amazing, sitting here after a display (mehr von FAE-830)
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FAE-908 Permission OK! Being towed after the airdisplay, mechanics realaxing as they take a little ride!! thanks to them for authorizing the publication of these pics. (mehr von FAE-908)
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FAE-930 Amazing missle config, sitting here after the ceremony (mehr von FAE-930)
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FAE-915 Wow, simply amazing! Look at all those fuel tanks, looks scaarry! About to deaprt for formation flights to recreate a Dogfight/combat that happened when Ecuador was in watr with peru 14 years ago. (mehr von FAE-915)
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FAE-930 Incredible Visit to TAURA! No pictures of this strategic military base. Celebrating aniversary of Ecuadors war with Peru, seen ehre a recreation about to start, incredible! Check out thos Python 3 Missles! (mehr von FAE-930)